Mac Hines


Muncie native, Mac prides himself on being strong in the gym and the community too.  Mac has used fitness and nutrition to help his recovery from alcohol dependency and has never felt better.  Before Mac’s fitness journey he experienced various lows in his life.

Following Mac’s high school graduation, he developed an addiction to alcohol that would lead to a ten-day coma, a wrecked truck, and a month-long stay in critical care.

In 2015, Mac was 300lbs. and wanted a change in his lifestyle. When Mac met his close friend Nick Albertson in 2016, he also met his mentor in the weight room. With Nick’s help, Mac traded bottles for barbells.  Today Mac prides himself on three years of sobriety and 70 lbs. lost.

Mac aims to share his love of weightlifting in the community and use his story to help struggling individuals find their dopamine rush at the gym rather than the bar.

Mac’s goal is to help anyone seeking to transform their lifestyle.

Philippians 4:13

Mac Hines Alcohol Addiction Story

Alcohol addiction is hard to overcome, but through God & weightlifting, Mac Hines shows how it's possible #FromChugginToShrugginPlease comment, like & share BTB

Posted by Big Time Barbell on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Nick Albertson

At Muncie Southside High School, Nick competed in baseball, basketball, tennis, and swimming.   He even helped lead his Muncie Legion post 19 baseball team to a state championship.

In 2014, Nick’s love for activity was stripped when he was diagnosed with Burkett’s Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Nick faced nine series of chemotherapy by making weekly visits to the Simon Cancer Center of Indianapolis.  With a strong faith in God, he prevailed and is now cancer free.

Today, Nick has regained his strength and returned to the gym.  From his experience, Nick found a love for guiding people through adversity.

By guiding individuals in the gym, Nick helps people find control and strength in their lives.

Battle w/ Cancer: One Rep at a Time

This is a must watch for those with cancer. Very proud of BTB Founder Nick Albertson. God is good!

Posted by Big Time Barbell on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Austin Bridges


Coming from a huge family, Austin is the youngest of seven siblings.  Before graduation, Austin was offered many collegiate scholarships to pursue a career in football.  However, due to an ACL and MCL tear, Austin was unable to pursue his dreams.

Austin currently holds a career in the Muncie Sanitary District.  He maintains a six-day-a-week, strict workout regiment and plans to participate in future bodybuilding competitions. He is a firm believer in Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:7

Oscar Calderon


Oscar has been all about fitness for three years now.  Oscar will soon be certified as a Behavior Change Specialist and as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Oscar wants to help you get your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle and keep you steady on your way to sculpting a better you.

Raschaad Williams


Before his fitness journey, Raschaad helped lead his high school marching band to three state championships.

Aside from weightlifting Raschaad stays active in recreational basketball and football leagues.

With the help of his friends, Raschaad has continued to create healthier meal plans and more intense workouts.

Omar Calderon

Team Member

In high school Omar was a tremendous athlete where he exceeded in soccer and track.  Omar enjoys all aspects of weightlifting, bodybuilding, power lifting, and nutrition.